Storage Tanks
Fabrication & erection of Molasses storage tanks. - 4000 MT to 12000 MT Capacities.
M/S. Sakthi Sugars Ltd, Unit I Sakthi Nagar, M/S. Sakthi Sugars Ltd, Unit IV, Modakuchi, M/s.Bannariamman Sugars Limited, Unit I Sathyamangalam, M/s.Bannariamman Sugars Limited, Unit II Nanjangud, M/s.Bannari Amman Sugars Limitd, Distillary Division, Peryaupuliyur, Bhawani, M/s.Bannariamman Sugars Limited, Distillary Division, Nanjungude,Karnataka, M/s.Dharani Sugars & Chemicals Ltd, Unit I & II, Vasudevanallur & Polur, M/s.Thiru Arooran Sugar Mills Ltd., Tirumandankudi, Kumbakonam, M/s. Sree Ambika sugars ltd, tukuli, kattor,Kumbakonam, M/s. Sree Ambika sugars ltd, kanadukandan, veruthachalam
Steel Plants
Through M/s.SCIL India Limited, Calcutta. Project site at M/s. Southern Iron & Steel Co.Ltd, Mettur Dam.( Now Jintal). Fabrication and erection of Blast Furnace Gas Holder tank 39M. dia x 33M. height with complete structural arrangement with telescopic type 3 stage including gas ducting .
Aluminium Plants.
Fabrication /erection of Aluminum Smelter unit, Cathode Basins, Saddles, Anodic Pots , Winch Foundation Frames, Burner assembly / ducting ,Anode/Cathode Bus bar (Aluminum) Connection assembly, Scrubbing Towers. Distillation tanks/filter press, Kelley filters etc.
M/s. Madras Aluminium Co.Ltd.,Mettur Dam
M/s.Consolidated Engineering Construction Co.Ltd., Bangalore.
M/s. Sriram EPC Chennai.
Chemical Plants.
Fabrication and erection of structural building , Equipement Erection , Pipelines with Radiography Quality welding for their all Expansion project. Revamping of EDC cracking furnaces, Erection of Bullet tanks, Dehydration Reactors (37 MT single unit), Polymerizer, Blow down tanks and is connecting SS & MS pipe Line . VCM Gas Holder tanks 200 Cu.M. & 400 Cu.M., SS/MS Storage tanks. Supply of Tri Chloro Ethylene plant, Reaction Tower, Process vessels, Heat Exchangers, Erection and commissioning of Niro Dryer Plant SS Silo, Drying chamber (SS 304), Powder silo, Ducting
M/s.Chemplast Sanmar Limited, Mettur Dam - 2.
M/s.Chemplast Sanmar Limited, Mettur Dam - 3.
M/s.Cabot Sanmar Limited, Mettur Dam - 3.
M/s.Kinetic Technology India Limited, New Delhi.
M/s.Kilburn Engineering Limited, Mumbai.
M/s. L &T Niro Limited, Baroda
Paper Plants
Supply of stainless steel Thickener Drum assembly, supply of Coating kitchen Process vessels. Fabrication erection of pulp mill , Chemical recovery plant - Carbon steel, stainless steel 304/ 316 Storage tanks , clarifier tanks around 1000Mt , Fabrication erection of total plant stainless steel and mild steel process piping,
M/s. Servall , karamadai, Blit Industrial Packaging Co. Ltd, Coimbatore.
M/s. Seshasayee paper & Boards ltd, Pallipalayam, Erode.
Stable Bleaching Powder Plant
Our Special Expertise is in supplying of Stable Bleaching Powder Plant Equipments of 2 to 5 M Tons Batch Capacity. Chlorination drum (Reactor) and it's connected of Main drums, End covers, Rotor shaft, Arms & blades, Dust return screw conveyor, Discharge door, Ventury & Lime Scrubber, Storage Bunker, Vibrator, Rotary Feeders, Screw conveyors, Rake Elevators.
Distillery Plant
Distillery Modernization projects, new plants at the following Distillery units directly & through M/s. Praj Industries Ltd., Pune
Complete fabrication & erection of Distillery Plant connected Structural, Boiler, and Chimney works. Molasses, Alcohol & Receiver Storage tanks, Erection of Distillation, Evaporation, ethanol Plant equipments, Fermentation storage/settling tanks, connected Stainless steel, mild steel and copper pipe lines etc.
Cogen Plant Conveyor Project, Gas based power plants and Sugar Plants
Fabrication and erection of Sugar Plant main building structure, boiling house, Clarification house, Mill house, sugar Godown structures, sugar bin, crystallizers, syrup heaters, Juice heaters, evaporators, Clarifiers, batch, continuous pan, Pan discharge valves, lime classifier, process storage tanks molasses storage tanks, sugar refinery System , Chimney & connected pipe lines etc. Erection of Sugar Plant machineries and Day to day regular maintenance works.
Supply Fabrication, Erection of Chimney and its supporting Structure, Charge Air, Exhaust gas Ducting its support structures, Furnace ,LUBE oil, DM water Storage tanks. Unloading, leading erection of DG set, auxiliaries, plant pipe lines.
M/s. Technick., Pune Coal and Baggase Conveyer Systems at M/s. Sakthi Sugars Ltd., Sakthinagar M/s. Tecpro Engineers (P) Ltd., Chennai Coal and Baggase Conveyer Systems at M/s. Sakthi Sugars Ltd., Sakthinagar M/s. Belcosys Infra Tech Private Ltd., Hyderabad Coal and Baggase Conveyer Systems at M/s. Madras Sugars Ltd., Thirukovilur.